Apple Day Celebration !

Red is the warmest of all colours, it symbolizes love, life, vitality, power and courage. Interestingly an apple, too, is associated with most of these qualities. As a fruit, scientific research has only recently added more truth to the adage, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” Usha Memorial Divyang Vidyalaya believes in helping the children grow up into healthy, wise, loving and gregarious individuals and took an affirmative step in this direction by celebrating the Red Apples Day on 25th of September, 2019.

With the increasing popularity of junk food among the little ones, we feels it is the combined effort of the school and the parents that will help wean the children away from unhealthy food and lifestyle. Hence, the pre-primary section devoted its activities to developing an interest and love for red apples. The morning assembly emphasized the importance of eating apples and various health benefits this fruit has to offer. Apples contain vitamin A and C, prevent heart diseases, tooth decay, and even cancer. The teachers of the preparatory classes had innovative ways of connecting the colour of the apple to various qualities of an apple so as to leave a long lasting impression on little minds. By way of celebrating the red apple day, it was impressed upon the children that eating healthy foods such as red apples would keep the doctor away and help them grow stronger.

The day was extra bright and cheery with the little students and teachers all dressed in red.