How do I know If my child has ADHD OR If he is just Naughty?

Many young children may be very active and unable to concentrate for long on any one activity. A child only has ADHD if:
*He has difficulty in paying attention and moves about all the time, causing problems for himself, his family and those around him, like teachers, friends, peers.
*Some of these difficulties are apparent even when he is very young, usually before age seven.
*Difficulties experienced are more than what is expected of a child of his/her age.
*Difficulties are experienced in more than one environment. For example, a child must experience difficulties at school and at home, not just at home or only at school. If he is experiencing difficulties in only one environment, you should look into it because chances are your child has problems with that particular environment and not necessarily have ADHD.

Here is a list of symptoms that indicate that a child may have ADHD( These symptoms are to be used as a guide and if you feel your child exhibits several of these please have a doctor evaluate the child):
*The child may be easily distracted, miss details, forget things, etc.
*The child may not be able to commit to an activity and may have trouble focusing.
*The child may have difficulty paying attention to something they are not very interested in.
*The child may have difficulty learning something new.
*The child may need to be given directions many times before he/she listens.
*The child may daydream a lot.
*The child may have trouble sitting still or staying calm.
*The child may talk nonstop.
*The child may seem like they have unending energy; like they are being run by a motor.
*The child may have difficulty doing quiet tasks.
*The child may often interrupt others and have trouble waiting their turn.