Mango Day Celebration

It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of the king of fruits “MANGO” with a fun-filled learning opportunity in the form of a Mango Party. The whole school campus was decorated in yellow and green, in tune with the theme of the party. The children came dressed in shades of yellow and so did the teachers.
The “Mango Party” mania was kicked off by introducing different types of mangoes in the morning assembly. Children were introduced to an array of mangoes such as dussehri, safeda, chausa and langda. The children touched, smelled, and held the mangoes in an attempt to distinguish one from the other. They were quite excited and eager to know more about mangoes and their kinds.
Back in the class, the teachers and children engaged in various creative activities such as thumb printing, paper tearing and pasting, and drawing of mangoes. The children were able to associate with the shape, form and size of a mango better than before, and were proud of the drawings they made.
During the lunchtime, children shared and relished various varieties of mangoes they had brought as special Tiffin’s.
The aim of organizing the event was to impart all information related to mangoes in a fun way. At the appointed time, the teachers introduced a wide array of information about mangoes, their varieties. They learnt its cultural, social and economic significance, its medicinal properties and the popular stories associated with the term `mango`.
The children thoroughly enjoyed the party and will remember it for a long time to come! This might turn out to be the best mango season yet!